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Our Team

In order to provide excellence in care, Dr Gault works together with a team of  dedicated professionals. Each cancer patient is discussed at a Multidisciplinary Team meeting to provide a personalised treatment plan.  A Multidisciplinary Team meeting usually consists of Dr Gault, a Medical Oncologist, Radiation Oncologist, Radiologist, and Pathologist.

A Multidisciplinary approach to the management of cancer provides specialist care from all relevant medical and allied health disciplines.  This approach to cancer care is evidence based and has been shown to improve quality of life and is linked to improved survival rates.

In addition to these meetings, Dr Gault works with other health care professionals including a Breast Care Nurse who works with Dr Gault at his practice, physiotherapists, psychologists, and a team of dedicated Anaesthetists. Dr Gault also keeps in close communication with each patient’s General Practitioner during treatment.

The team that is engaged for each patient is flexible and may expand or reduce according to the patients individual treatment plan. Dr Gault works with specific specialists, but he may also refer to other specialists according to patient needs and requests.