After treatment

Many cancer survivors say although they are happy their cancer treatment is over, they also wonder about their ongoing care and the journey beyond treatment. There is a measure of security in the treatment phase of breast cancer as you have regular appointments and lots of information and support from those around you. The post treatment phase presents a new “normal”. With this new position in life as a “survivor” of breast cancer, new questions and concerns are sure to arise.

However you are feeling, it’s always a good time to think about making some healthy changes to your lifestyle.  If you smoke, now is the time to quit. Research shows that smoking can increase the chances of getting cancer at the same site or another site.

Cut down on alcohol consumption. Research shows that drinking alcohol increases your chances of getting certain types of cancers.  Think about getting fitter and eating healthier too.

Some other questions and concerns you might have are discussed in a booklet produced by The National Cancer Council, Facing Forward, Life After Cancer Treatment. It’s a great booklet that may help with your concerns after treatment. Download “Life After Treatment” booklet

Some of the important after treatment information discussed in the booklet includes:

  • The new normal after treatment
  • Follow-up medical care and how to discuss any concerns your doctor
  • A care plan and health and wellness
  • Management of physical changes caused by cancer and its treatment
  • Issues with body change and intimacy after treatment
  • Coping with your feelings
  • Returning to work and reconnecting with co-worker
  • Relating with friends and family