Effective Melanoma Treatment for those living in the Gold Coast

Melanoma Surgery is the main treatment for early stage (localised) melanoma. The condition develops from the melanocytes and can occur anywhere on the body, even in areas not exposed to the sun. It may grow quickly and, if it is not treated, may spread to other parts of the body to form new, secondary cancers.

It is imperative that treatment is attained as soon as possible. At Gault Surgery, we assist with the entire process, helping you gain clarity and assurance over your condition.

Dr Gault practices according to the National and International guidelines for Melanoma and works with a dedicated team who are at the forefront of treatment advances.  Dr Gault and his team can offer a comprehensive range of options for malignant melanoma, including surgery, radiation therapy and chemotherapy, immunotherapy and may include new clinical trials.

With substantial experience in melanoma surgery – alongside a range of other surgeries, such as breast reconstruction after cancer and lumpectomies – we work with an individualised plan that will suit you and your family perfectly. Caring and compassionate, we are here for your needs.

The information here describes the various surgical procedures offered by Dr Gault aiming to answer the most common questions.

It is advised that you read through the section relating to your surgery and if at any stage you have further questions feel free to contact Dr Gault to discuss further or ask for another appointment to discuss in greater detail.

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