Clinical treatment for breast cancer

According to statistics from the National Breast Cancer Foundation, 1 in 7 women are expected to develop breast cancer in their lifetime.

At Gault Surgery we are dedicated to women’s health and providing optimal care for these women.

Your breast cancer support team

With a new diagnosis of breast cancer comes an enormous amount of uncertainty and anxiety. At Gault Surgery, our aim is to empower and support you throughout your journey. Our goal is to help you to understand your capabilities, your prognosis, and your options. We want to reassure you with information and the security of knowing that there is an entire team of professionals behind you – and that your care will continue beyond surgery.

Dr Gault

Dr Gault

Dr Gault, our experienced surgeon, focuses on treating breast cancer using oncoplastic and reconstructive techniques. Oncoplastic surgery is a combination of oncology and plastic surgery aimed at achieving optimal oncological (cancer) and aesthetic results. Dr Gault will be your primary caregiver and, from your very first appointment, will tailor a treatment plan for you. You will be given a rundown on all the options available to you and the order in which it will happen, so you have a clear and coordinated path for your treatment.

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Breast Care Nurse, Julie

Breast Care Nurse, Julie

Our highly experienced breast care nurse Julie, will guide you through your journey with us. Julie can help you feel heard and confident, explain any processes and will work closely with Dr Gault to answer any questions you may have. Julie can also direct you to helpful resources and organisations who can offer further support.

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Breast cancer screenings

There is a wide range of screening options that you may utilise as part of your treatment. These could be things such as an MRI, a biopsy, and a mammogram, ultrasound to help your medical team to make an accurate diagnosis and to plan treatment. Our team will explain what these options are and may help you to determine which ones you need.

Mammography (Mammogram) and 3D Tomography.

A mammography will X-ray the breast tissue. This X-ray can then be checked for any minor changes. It can be used for both screening and diagnosis. A 3D Tomography can take a digital x-ray to create 3D images of the breast tissue, and may help to detect breast cancers early.

Breast Ultrasound

A breast ultrasound uses ultrasound technology to create images of the breast tissue, and can identify or diagnose breast abnormalities. It is non-invasive and radiation free.

Breast MRI

MRI stands for Magnetic Resonance Imaging, and it uses a magnetic field and radio waves to capture several images of your breast tissue. A complex computer program puts the images together to give a detailed picture of the structures within the breast.


Lymphoscintigraphy is used prior to breast cancer surgery, which uses nuclear medicine imaging to display pictures of your lymphatic system. This system is a key part of your body’s immune system, and it transports essential fluid around your body. The overview of the way that a lymphoscintigraphy works is this:

  • You will receive small injections of a radioactive tracer into your tissue.
  • This tracer will be encouraged to move around in your lymphatic system.
  • A radiologist will use a special camera to take pictures of this fluid.
  • There is no specific preparation required and our team will walk you through the process.

Breast Biopsy

A breast biopsy is a procedure which removes a small amount of tissue from the breast, which is taken to be checked by a pathologist at a lab. This may be removed with a surgery or with a type of needle called a biopsy needle. There are multiple different methods to take a biopsy. Your doctor or surgeon can discuss the best option for you, and we will help you to understand the procedure and prepare for your biopsy.

About breast disease and related surgeries

Benign disease and treatments

Benign Breast Disease refers to conditions such as abnormalities or growths in the breast tissue which cause symptoms, but are not cancerous. We understand that these can be stressful conditions to experience, and at Gault Surgery we are committed to carefully managing them to promote optimal treatment and health outcomes.

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Malignant Disease and treatments

Malignant Breast Disease refers to harmful, cancerous abnormalities or growths in the breast tissue. This occurs when cancerous cells begin to mutate and spread throughout otherwise healthy tissues. It is one of the most common cancers to occur in women. There are several different types of breast cancer and treatments. With a lot of information out there, it is important to understand which information is relevant to you and your needs.

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Surgical interventions

Surgeries such as breast reconstruction can be done to restore the breast’s physical appearance following breast cancer treatment. Dr John Gault is very experienced in what is called ‘oncoplastic’ surgery, which aims to treat breast cancer effectively.

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Proper diagnosis and treatment of the condition is vital to preserving your health. If you notice symptoms or are looking for a general check-up, contact us to book a clinical consultation for a thorough assessment.